We are committed to and passionate about protecting the environment. That is why we always strive to meet environmentally responsible standards in our day to day management of the campsite.

Our direct contact with the Gardon, known as one of the cleanest rivers in France, simply makes us even more environmentally conscious.


Some examples :

  • Rental facilities : these are designed in harmony with the environment our lodges are essentially built from wood and materials to blend in with the surrounding countryside. They invite our guests to get closer to nature, through the warmth of the wood and the feeling of freedom which comes from being in a space without cars. We try to offer and cultivate a feeling of being at one with nature.
  • Water : we save water by using a micro-irrigations system for bushes and trees. Sanitary facilities are equipped with water saving devices.
    There are signs in the sanitary facilities reminding guests of the value of water and encouraging them not to waste it.
  • Energy : heating for the pool is provided entirely by the sun.
    Our premises are equipped with neon lighting, and the public lighting uses low energy bulbs or solar panels
  • Waste : the campsite features an area for sorting waste for recycling.
    We sort all waste for recycling: boxes, packaging, paper and glass.
    We accept used batteries at reception.
  • Maintenance
    The cleaning products we use are environmentally certified.
    We do not use any chemical fertilizers.
  • Landscape
    We preserve the trees which have already been planted, and add other species which are suitable for our region’s ecosystem. We seek to use natural materials in our infrastructure, such as the wooden posts, for the electric charging stations on the campsite.
    Our secondary access roads and our car park have no tarmac. They are made from natural materials to enable water to seep into the earth and avoid weed-killing products on roads which pollute groundwater and the river.
  • Communications
    We avoid giving out brochures which too often end up in the bin and we offer a visiting card which can easily be kept in a wallet.
    Documentation, unless otherwise requested by clients, is sent by email and available from our downloads page


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Our region

The campsite extends over a wooded, 11 hectare park (only half of which is used for pitches), bordered by vineyards, the Gardon d’Anduze river and, on the horizon, the majestic Cévennes mountains, a Unesco world heritage site.